atvise® scada

Your visualization system in Pure Web technology

Pure Web Technology

atvise® is the first professional HMI product that has been developed from scratch with web-standards like SVG (vector graphics) of the WWW Consortium (W3C). Only such technologies will be displayed and executed by all common web browsers without additional plug-ins, ActiveX, Java or Silverlight – today as well as in future.

No client installation necessary. You don’t have to install, configure and maintain client software, and don’t worry about the operating system. Web browsers are available everywhere.


Responsive Webdesign. Different sizes of operating terminals of a plant, different displays of a control room, or mobile devices: the content and the interface adapt to the situation automatically.

All functionalities in any atvise® license


No matter how big or small your facility is. If you need a SCADA system, you need at least the next applications:


  • Realtime monitoring and control
  • Remote acces via web browser
  • Unlimited users
  • Historization
  • Alarms and trends
  • Monitoring and alarm notification
  • Industrial connectivity standard drivers
  • Dashboards and KPIs


atvise® scada flexible licensing system allows you to have available all these features.



atvise® scada licensing model and pure web technology make it 100% scalable. You can build single server plant architectures, cloud systems getting data from remote locations, or build large distributed cascade systems with multiple atvise® scada servers.

Also, as it is OPC UA based and supports vertical objects engineering, integration with any industrial sector systems is pretty much easier, faster and more efficient than ever.



Online Engineering


An engineering tool as it should be efficient, powerful and simple!

Convince yourself, with every atvise® scada license you get free access to our engineering tool, the atvise® builder.

It allows you to build and modify projects from any location thanks to the remote access via OPC UA, which means a significant resources saving when testing and commissioning installations.


Besides, atvise® scada is not only object oriented, but it supports OPC UA Vertical Objects. Take benefit of existing Object Types on PLCs or OPC UA servers and expand them vertically until the visualization displays.

With atvise® builder, data acquisition and application design is easier and more efficient than ever.  



Users that choose software based on Linux are increasing more and more, but the most of the companies still choose Windows.

atvise® scada is available for both, so choose your preferred operating system.

First SCADA Hot Standby Redundandy in Pure Web


With the implementation of the world’s first hot standby redundancy we underline our leadership in SCADA systems that visualize in pure web technology. Many freedoms in the system architecture and the parametrization possibilities complete the overall picture of “failure safety”:


  • Two servers running, allways synchronized
  • Easy configuration, just tell one server to be the secondary and they synchronized automatically
  • If the primary server falls down, the secondary server is available and ready
  • Switching on the fly without data loss
  • Adaption of the behaviour on vital status tables – the primary server is the most healthy one
  • Clients do not notice servers switch

Which factors should you consider to choose the best SCADA software for your project?

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